Episode Eight: It’s A Wonderful Life (Unless You’re Angelus)

It’s #WhedonverseWednesday and it’s my last episode before Christmas! This week, David Whitney returns and we decided to look into what passes for a Christmas special in Sunnydale. That’s right, we discussed Amends. This episode is Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s only Christmas episode, and it digs back into Angel’s past. For me this was a rewatch, but a first viewing for David, and we discuss our thoughts about the episode, from Angelus’ bad moustache right through to comparisons to other festive classics.

Guest links

You can check out Dave’s cosplay on Facebook at Aces ‘N’ Armor Cosplay, or follow him on Twitter at @DWhit3187, or on Instagram at @acesnarmor.

News from the whedonverse

Hailee Steinfeld Wants to Be Joss Whedon’s Batgirl.

Sarah Michelle Gellar reprises her role in Cruel Intentions…for a theatre announcement.

Disney’s buy out of Fox means Buffy and Firefly rights now owned by Disney. What does this mean for more Firefly?


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