Episode Nine: My Hat Has A Cow

It’s #WhedonverseWednesday and it’s time to get stylish. This week I’m joined by blogger, YouTube sensation and digital content guru, Emily Jayne Hallsworth. In a past life, Emily once wrote a blog for Syfy about the style of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so there was really only one topic we could discuss for this episode. Emily and I talked the best, worst and most iconic outfits from the series, and what they told us about the characters.

Here’s the outfits we discussed in detail. Click the images to see them in full.

Xander - Mushroom shirt
Tara and Willow - Once More With Feeling
Spike in blue
Willow Season 4
Tara - Season 6 Promo
Spike - season 7 hair
Willow - Doppelgangland
Promo 1
Once More With Feeling
Joyce - Band Candy
Dawn - The Gift
Buffy Season 6 hair
Darla - school uniform
Buffy Season 4
Buffy - Welcome to the Hellmouth
Buffy - Restless
Buffy - I Robot You Jane
Buffy - blue slow mo coat
Buffy - red leather pants
Buffy - Graduation Day
Anya - Once More With Feeling
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERSarah Michelle Gellar1st Season
Buffy - giraffe pants
Buffy - Double Meat Palace
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Read Emily’s excellent style and lifestyle blog at Never Wears Black, tweet at her about her Buffy replica coat @neverwearsblack, see her colourful outfits on Instagram @neverwearsblack, and watch her weekly vlogs on her YouTube channel.

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