Episode Nineteen: Roots in the Community – Mark Sheppard at MCM Birmingham

It’s #WhedonverseWednesday and this week I’ve got a treat for you! My wonderful friends at Geeky Brummie shared their audio of Mark Sheppard’s press panel from MCM Birmingham. He talks what it means to be a geek, his dislike of the term ‘fan’, and his experiences working on some of the biggest sci-fi shows around.

Mark Sheppard

guest links

Not a guest, but you can find Geeky Brummie’s podcast on their website.

Mark Sheppard is on Twitter as @mark_sheppard.

news from the whedonverse

Wales Comic Con is 21 – 22 April and has Mark Sheppard, Juliet Landau, Marc Blucas and Clare Kramer.

Em-Con Nottingham is 5 – 6 May and has Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfied.

LFCC is 27 – 29 July and has Jewel Staite.

Nicholas Brendon is hosting bowling and karaoke across America.

TV Line’s Michael Ausiello is auctioning stuff for charity, including promo teeth from Buffy Vs Dracula.

Firefly panel from C2E2.

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