Firefly Comics move to Boom Studios

Ok, so it’s not a total reboot or rebirth for the series, but there are new stories from the ‘verse coming our way.

The licence for Joss Whedon’s Firefly has moved to Boom Studios from Dark Horse, and they’ve already got big plans for a new line of comics.

With writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid on board, the series is set to land in November, with plans for stories set during the Unification War, including the tale of how Mal and Zoe first met. They also plan to reprint the old Dark Horse titles, which is good news for fans who’ve struggled to find some of the more elusive titles.

This follows the news from earlier in the year that a Firefly book series was in the works. Released by Titan Books, the first is due out in October. The books currently commissioned cover the war, and the crew’s time on Serenity.

This a good year for Firefly fans!

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